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 We are Bernese mountain dog kennel, quite young but perspective. If you count our legs, you can see we are becoming large family and still increasing. Our kennel is founded by family Fulanović, registered by FCI in 2006. Most of our four legged family consists of girls - as it should be - and our only 4-legged boy is here to be a support to Mr.Fulanović (who is respectively only male member of 2-legged family Fulanović).

Our little kingdom is situated in the suburbs of Zagreb, a piece of heaven named Lučko. Here we enjoy all day long in long walks and playing with our doggie friends, and of course, our owners!

Here we have learned how to defend our territory, so when we see some strangers, we can pretend to be very, very dangerous, and we are pleased to say we can fool the most of them! During the day that is our most favorite game :) Although, we are glad when someone can see trough our fooling and pretending, and enters our yard (usually someone who knows us well).

That gives us chance to make some new, mud patterns all over their, preferably clean, close :) We are so playful, always ready for some action, simply love all other dogs, any other animals, and enjoy getting to know new people. We are well behaved and always to pride and joy to our owners. So please come and get to know us...and were some sparkly clean close ;)

Yours Agram's Angels


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